DIY Bath Bomb with Household Items for a Luxurious Bath


One of my favorite things in the world is a candle lit bathroom with nice warm water in the tub, a good book with a glass of wine and of course a bath bomb to go with it.  Maybe it’s just me, but it takes the stress right out of my day.  I was tired of spending money and running out of what makes my stress relief time that much more amazing so i did some research.  This recipe is a life saver and a money saver.  I will never buy another bath bomb again, so try it out! You might just jump on the luxurious bath train with me!

If you would like the step by step recipe, it’s just after the video.  Share your creations with us and your friends.

Tutorial video and idea: Rclbeauty101

What you will need

– Container to shape the Bath Bomb
– Spoon to pack and shape the bath bomb
– Small spray bottle
– Food coloring (red, yellow, blue, green, purple, or whatever color your heart desires)
– Lemon juice
– Bath salt or regular salt
– Baking soda


Sparkles (do not use regular glitter, it’s bad for the environment and might get stuck to you! Use eyeshadow pigment.)

Step 1

Mix dry ingredients in a bowl
– 1 cup of baking soda
– About a teaspoon of salt
– Sparkles (maybe)

Step 2

– Fill 1/4 small spray bottle with water
– Fill the bottle with lemon juice to until its 3/4 filled
– Mix 3 -4 drops of food coloring into spray bottle
– Make that bottle do the Harlem Shake to mix up the ingredients
– Repeat to make any other colors

Step 3

– Spray one spray of liquid into the dry mix bowl and mix until liquid is absorbed by dry ingredients
– Continue spray one spray and mixing until it is the color you would like
– Repeat for all the colors of the rainbow if that what you like


Step 4

– Pack the product into the container you have for the bath bomb. Make sure you pack it very tight   and mix the colors to fit your fancy!
– Fill one or both sides and when complete put the two sides together and seal them Use a rubber band or hair tie to keep the two sides together.(if required).
– Give it a good pound on top to ensure the sides come together.


Step 5

– You can let the future bath bomb sit overnight or 5 to 6 hours. if you want to test out the new bath bombs right away you can throw it into the freeze for a hour!

Once the wait is over your ready to pamper yourself in a nice luxurious bath. Throw it, drop it, let it roll off your finger tips and enjoy your bath time!

Options for container

– Clear plastic ornaments from craft store
– Plastic easter eggs
– Egg poacher
– Any container is good! Find some crazy shapes and have fun with it!!!

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