DIY Lego Table to Organize All Those Small Pieces

DIY Lego Table to Organize All Those Small Pieces


Do you find yourself stepping on those Lego pieces or small toys that seem to end up all around the house.  I often wonder to myself, how did that get there, but kids will be kids and forever messy. This DIY is just what I needed to save 15 mins a day cleaning up those pieces and it might just be what you need too. Imagine all you can do with an extra 15 mins a day! Share your creations with us here at DIYgals or on our Facebook Page.

Things you will need

  • IKEA Ingo Dining Table
  • IKEA Trofast buckets (Medium)
  • Jigsaw
  • Drill with spade bit
  • Sandpaper
  • Spray Paint
  • Clear Sealant
  • 3 15×15 Lego Baseplates


First things first, assemble the IKEA Ingo Dining Table using the provided instructions.

1Source – alittleofthis–alittleofthat

Next,  you have to decide your bucket placement and how many you would like.  I chose to use 2 that are horizontal.  If I were to put them vertical, it takes up to much useable space. Feel free to place the buckets to suit your situation, especially if the table will be in a corner.

Very carefully measure out where you want to place your buckets.  Remember measure twice, cut once. Using a straight edged level will make sure that your cuts will be perfect.

2Source – alittleofthis–alittleofthat

The exact measurements for this project are as follows.

  • The area for each bucket cuts are 15.75″ x 10.25″
  • Each bucket is 4″ from the short side of the table and 2.25″ from the long side.

Below is a diagram to help with any questions.

3Source – alittleofthis–alittleofthat

Now it’s time to cut out the area to place the buckets.

photo 4Source – alittleofthis–alittleofthat

Use a spade drill bit to drill a hole near one of the corners.  You will use the hole to start cutting the shape with the jigsaw. If the next couple steps seem a little out of your wheel house, call the hubby or even better a good lookin handyman to help.

4Source – alittleofthis–alittleofthat

Its time to use the jigsaw to cut out the area to put the buckets. Use the lines you drew earlier as a guide.  Try to stay as close as possible to the lines but it doesn’t have to be perfect.  The bottom of the bucket is actually smaller then the lines you drew earlier.

photo 5Source – alittleofthis–alittleofthat

After you finish with the jigsaw be sure to sand down the edges of the cuts.  When completed it should look something like this.

photo 5 (1)Source – alittleofthis–alittleofthat

Be creative you can choose to paint the table or keep the pine look, the choice is yours.

photo 3Source – alittleofthis–alittleofthat

If you do decide to paint the table i would advise finishing it with a clear sealant (non-yellowing).

IMG_0986Source – alittleofthis–alittleofthat

Drop in the bins and you have a great play area for legos or anything kids like to play with. If legos is something your child is interested in you can take it a step further with the LEGO baseplates.

IMG_0992Source – alittleofthis–alittleofthat

Use super glue to secure the base plates to the table.

IMG_0993Source – alittleofthis–alittleofthat

With the baseplates secure. Congratulations!!

baseplateSource – alittleofthis–alittleofthat

A fun table to illuminate creative minds to build to their hearts desires or to build a Millennium Falcon.

Source – alittleofthis–alittleofthat

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