DIY Perfect Messy Bun Hair Style

DIY Perfect Messy Bun Hair Style

2 Ways to Perfect The Messy Bun Hair Style

Why is it that the most undone look in beauty takes the most amount of time and effort? We’ve all been there struggling to have to have that look of “I just woke up and threw myself together” but I still look fabulous without even trying. Today’s DIY will show you the 2 different ways on how you can master the messy bun hair style without hassle. Your co workers,family,friends and everyone else will all be doing a second glance wondering what is different about you. We were so excited when we learned this and now we get to share it with all of our readers!

What you need to pull off these 2 ways

  • Elastic band for your hair

Messy Hair Bun Style 1

1st method reminders

  • Don’t brush through it before because it gives your hair more texture
  • Leave some bumps so that you hair isn’t too slick and you still get the messy look


2nd method reminders

  • Comb all your hair back into a bun including your fringe

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