Easy DIY Oreo Truffle Balls That Are No Bake and Delicious!

Easy DYI Oreo Truffle Balls That Are No Bake and Delicious!


When you saw Oreos in the title, did that remind you of when you were a kid? Those little round chocolate cookies with cream in the middle, maybe a big glass of milk to chase it down. We have to keep those growing bones strong. I remember celebrating when I twisted apart those delicious cookies and all the cream was on one side. Even if the cream wasn’t all on the same side, it was still a celebration because the Oreo is such a good cookie!

Maybe I’m a little biased with my love of Oreos. Please don’t let that stop you because after you get creative with this easy DIY recipe your kids, party guests, friends, family and even you will be an Oreo fan! It also makes a great homemade gift for the one that’s hard to buy for.

The Video below has directions but just for you, I also have the recipe and bonus tips below the video.

Share the results of your Oreo Extravaganza with us In The Comments.

Tutorial Video source: Sharron’s Take ~ Food, Fashion, & Lifestyle

What you will need

– Food Processor, Potato masher, or even gallon zip lock bag and your hand
– Large bowl
– Wax paper
– Cookie sheet
– Microwave safe bowl


1 package of oreos
8 oz of softened cream cheese
Milk/white chocolate
Candy Melts (optional)
Sprinkles (optional)
Icing (optional)

Step 1

– Place the entire package of Oreo cookies in the the food processor, bowl, or ziplock bag.
– Whichever method you’re using we just need an end result of Oreo cookie crumbs. (see below)

oreo_cookie_balls1Source:Sharron’s Take ~ Food, Fashion, & Lifestyle

Step 2

– Add the cream cheese and cookie crumbs together in the large bowl.
– Mix the cream cheese and crumbs together until they have an even consistency.

Step 3

– With wax paper set out on the cookie sheet and clean hands, roll the Oreo goodness into balls.
– When there is no more Oreo mix left, you’re ready to place them in the freezer for 30 mins to harden.
– While you wait feel free to come back to DIYgals.com and visit.

Step 4

– Place chocolate chips/wafers in microwave safe bowl and heat on high in 15 second intervals until you have silky melted chocolate.
– After 30 mins, remove the Oreo balls from the freezer.

Step 5

– Dunk the truffles in chocolate.
– Use a fork to drizzle chocolate on the truffles.

oreo_ballsSource: Sharron’s Take ~ Food, Fashion, & Lifestyle


– Bring in the kids to help, they love rolling up the truffles, at least my little Tavin does!
– Add Peanut butter and oats to the mix for a good breakfast snack.
– Put the truffles on a stick for a truffle pop.
– Put the mix in a cupcake tin with the cupcake wrappers to make Oreo cakes with an Oreo on top or bottom.
– Dress the truffles up for a party.
– Shape the into little footballs for the game.
– Use red, white and blue color candy melts to make a flag for the 4th or just cause you love the USA!

My favorite thing about DIY is it brings out the creativity inside you. Go crazy with it and HAVE FUN!


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