Fancy Cheese Fondue! Just Add Wine and Friends!

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On a lovely Tuesday evening, I was hosting a paint and wine party for my girlfriends, you know girly time.  Everyone but Bridget had arrived and we were all excited for her to walk through the door, not because she’s one of the most amazing people we know, but because she said she had a surprise for all of us tonight.  Who doesn’t love surprises?  As we patiently awaited with a little wine of course, we all discussed what could it possibly be?  Only one way to find out!

As Bridget walked through the front door, she’s holding a couple of grocery bags nonchalantly. Everyone, including me, gets excited to see her and find out the surprise.  Bridget turns to me and says, “I’m going to let you guess what the surprise is? It’s one of your favorite food groups.” she chuckles.  By then i saw an outline of a triangle in the bag, and i had it.  “Cheese!!!”  I yelled! Everyone looked at me as i’m basically jumping for joy.  If you didn’t know, I love all cheese, the bloomy, the hard, the blue, the fresh, they’re all delicious.  Bridget, being my best friend, knows that cheeses of all kinds are my weakness.  Bridget replies, “It is a few different cheeses but that’s not the surprise.  Its what you do with the cheeses that is the surprise.

The rest is history and that is why I put together this video below of the Fabulous Fancy Fondue Recipe Bridget brought me on that cheesy unforgettable Tuesday night.

Hope you enjoy the Fancy Fondue goodness as much as I did.  Also checkout our other attention getting party pleasers, Caprese Pops and our Decadent Oreo Truffles Balls. Let us know how you loved the Fondue, Caprese Pops and Oreo Truffles In The Comments below, or at our Facebook Page DIYgals

Don’t Forget the BONUS Tips at the bottom!


Needed Ingredients

  • Camembert Cheese
  • Blue Cheese
  • Brie Cheese
  • Gruyere
  • 1/4 cup Cornflour
  • 1 cup of white wine
  • Medium Pot
  • Heat Source (BBQ, Stovetop, Bonfire)
  • Bread (Baguette, multigrain, rye, etc.) or Lightly Steamed Veggies


start fondue 800x500


  • Cut Camembert, Blue Cheese, and Brie into 1/2 inch cubes for even melting.
  • Mix the Gruyere into the cheese mountain evenly.
  • Add the Cornflower to cheese mix and ensure its evenly coating the cheeses.
  • Find your heat source and place pot on medium heat.
  • Add 1 cup of White Wine to the pre heated pot.
  • Start by adding 1/3 of your cheese to the fondue pot and begin stirring.
  • When the cheeses begin to melt, add another 1/3 of the cheese and continue stirring,
  • Finally, when the Fondue cheese starts to melt and come together, add the rest of the fancy cheeses.
  • After about 15 mins all of the cheeses should start to look like below.


fondue cooking 800x500 finally copy


  • Once the fondue starts to beautifully come together continue stirring until the fondue’s consistency is to your liking..
  • Now it’s time to get Fancy Fondue Dippers, Fancy Fondue Pot and start enjoying a Fancy Fondue that will have your friends asking “what wine pairs well with these amazing cheeses in this Fancy Fondue?”

Below are some Bonus Tips to help with the recipe!


finished fondue 800x500


  • Ensure Cheeses a nice and cool.  Place in fridge for an hour prior to slicing and slice as soon as you take the cheese out of the fridge.  This helps with cutting soft cheeses like brie.
  • Heat the Fondue pot prior to adding the wine, it will allow the wine to heat up quicker and start to melting the cheeses sooner and also helps with achieving a better consistency.

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