Gorgeous DIY Decorative Centerpieces On A Shoestring Budget

Diy Decorative Centerpieces On A Shoestring Budget
I personally love the look of a lighted centerpiece; however, if you purchase them from the florist or craft store, they can be quite expensive. But, did you know, creating a unique, beautiful centerpiece is actually quite simple. When I watched this video I wondered why I had never thought of this before, it simple, looks classic and will last for weeks.

The creative crafter in this video takes you step by step through the process of creating a centerpiece for your home, a special occasion or any other reason. While it may seem like a difficult task, especially if you don’t exactly consider yourself crafty, this centerpiece is actually quick and easy. Not only that, it is also quite affordable. Virtually all of the components can be purchased at a local dollar store.

What You Need For This DIY

You need a few basic items to make your own centerpieces:

  • 3-4 vases
  • Floating candles
  • Stones or pebbles
  • Silk or other artificial flowers
  • Submersible LED lights

When you are shopping for your components, be sure to think about what you want your centerpiece to look like and how much space is available where it will be placed. For example, for larger tables, using three or four vases will be best while for smaller tables, only one or two will be needed.

When buying the vases, you can choose to get them all the same size and shape, or you can purchase various sizes and shapes. In this video, they use vases all the same size, but if you want a bit of diversity, choose different options. One of the best things about this project is the fact that you can personalize the look of the centerpieces to your own personal preferences and your style.

You can use garden stones or pebbles for the vase and opt for flowers that are all the same color, or an array of colors. Again, consider the theme of the event or occasion to determine what you need.

Step 1: Placing the Garden Stones

The first step of making your centerpiece is to place your stones of pebbles in the bottom. Do this carefully, especially if you have decided to use glass vases. Fill up the stones or pebbles (or a mix, if you like) to about 1 ½ inches in the vase.

Step 2: Insert the Flowers

The next step is to add the flowers over the pebbles. Make a bunch of the flowers (it may be necessary to remove the stems ahead of time). Push them down slightly so there is space at the top for the floating candle.

Step 3: Add Water

Once the flowers are in position, you will begin to slowly pour in the water. Remember to not fill the vase all the way up with water since the floating candle will have to be put on top.

Step 4: Place the Floating Candle

Once the water is in, you will place the floating candle on top. It is a good idea to wait to light the candle until you are going to be using the table, otherwise, you may have to replace it daily.


Bonus Tip: Using LED Lights For Extra Flare

If you are trying to create a centerpiece that is more romantic, for a dinner or even a wedding, you will use the LED lights you have purchased. These will be put in the vase before the pebbles or stones are added. Make sure the light is turned on and place it in the bottom of the vase and then add the stones around it. Once that is done, you will follow the other steps.

You can make three to four DIY centerpieces for around $15, which is a great deal when you consider how much you would spend on this type of creation from a florist or craft store. Also, you get to add your own personal flair, which makes it much more appealing and interesting.


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