Make this Cute Little Bow Ring in about 10 Minutes!

Make this Cute Bow Ringin About

This bow ring is super cute and so easy to make!  You can make it any size you would like for any finger.  You could even choose to make it a pendant for a necklace if you wanted.

This ring is simple and beautiful!

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Jewelry pliers, both round and regular
  • Wire

Now here’s what to do:

1. First, cut off 6 inches of wire from your roll.
2. Place your finger in the center of the wire you cut and wrap it around your finger.  To make a rounder circle, you can wrap your loop around a tube of chapstick or something similar.,
3. Using your round pliers, grab the top.
4. Bend this piece over the top of the pliers to make the right loop of your bow.
5. Next, grab your bottom wire.
6. Bend this over the top of the pliers to make the other loop in your bow.
7. Adjust your loops to even them out.
6. Take the end of your left loop, and wrap around the center, through the ring.
7. Trim the ends of the wire and file smooth with a nail file if needed.


Enjoy your awesome new jewelry or give it as a gift for someone else to enjoy!

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