How to Make the Yummiest Candle You’ve Ever Smelled!



If you love sweets, especially Funfetti cake, you will LOVE these DIY candles!  You can totally enjoy them and not feel guilty about the calories!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-2 pint-sized (16oz) mason jars
-Pre-waxed wicks
-Hot glue gun
-Pencils or sticks to hole the wicks in place
– 2 tbsp water
– 2 tbsp corn syrup
– Small paint brush
– 1/2 cup of sprinkles
– 1 lb soy wax flakes
– 1 package of cupcake scented wax squares

First, you’ll need to glue your wicks to the bottom of your jars using a dab of glue from your glue gun.


Next, mix your cornstarch, water, and water in a small bowl.  Now paint this mixture all over the inside of your jars.

Once the inside is coated, take big spoonful of your sprinkles and put them into your jar while holding your jar horizontally.  Gently roll your jar to fully coat the sides with sprinkles.  Repeat with your other jar.

They should look something like this when you’re done:


Now you need to stabilize your wick.  Do this by laying your pencil (or stick) across the top of the jar.  Use tape to attach the wick onto the pencil like this:


Now its time to prepare your wax! Get out your double boiler, or a make one with a pot and heat proof bowl. Put the pot over medium heat and begin adding your wax flakes and your scent cubes.

Once completely melted, slowly fill your jars with the wax. Try to pour the wax directly into the center of your jars.  Don’t worry if some of your sprinkles slide around, it will still look pretty!

You’re almost done! Now just put your candles into the freezer for 4 hours then take them out and light those babies up! Your whole house will smell amazing!  Enjoy!


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