Make Your Own Infinity Scarf In 30 minutes. Yes, Seriously.

Make Your Own Infinity Scarf In 30 minutes. Yes Seriously.

When I saw this video, I was expecting this beautiful scarf to take me hours to make. I was beginning to dread having to knit this and giving up before it was even halfway done. This DIY uses arm knitting, which is a less known knitting technique that I found a breeze to create this infinity scarf without the hassles of regular knitting. I loved the fact that I didn’t need to use any knitting tools at all! This would be a great DIY to do with your kids and requires little cleanup.

All that you need for your infinity scarf is just two simple things

  • High quality fluffy wool in the color you want your scarf in
  • 30 minutes of time and some effort!

There are 2 key milestones in this DIY that we want you to know. The first milestone is knowing how to properly setup the first knot that sets you up for this DIY. If this is done incorrectly then you will have issues later on with this DIY.


The next key milestone in this DIY is making sure that your first arm is setup correctly. This step is crucial because otherwise your entire infinity scarf will not come as fabulous as the video.


We hope you enjoy this DIY and can’t wait to see your finished scarfs in the comments!

Thanks to Handimania for sharing this DIY video

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