A Unique Baby Shower Centerpiece That Will Have You Be The Talk of The Party

DIY Baby Shower Centerpiece

Last weekend, I attended a baby shower of a friend of mine. This baby shower had a centerpiece that left an impression on me because it truly was unique in the sense that I haven’t seen anything like it before. I asked my friend who made her centerpieces because they were just stunning and she directed me over to her other friend Allison.

Allison was not giving herself enough credit for this and other party attendees were quick to join in to say that this centerpiece was truly not something they could accomplish. Allison told us how this could be done by any one of us and shared this video with us. We have to say that after writing up her instructions and tips on how to do this plus watching this video we are sure we can create this centerpiece with no trouble.

This video will show you how to create this unique baby shower centerpiece in easy to follow steps. We have also included written instructions and needed materials so our readers at home don’t have to pause the video to jot down these details.

Things needed for this diy

Materials Needed for Baby Shower Centerpiece DIY
*Note this photo could not show all of the needed materials.
  • Stuffed Teddy Bear
  • 30 Diapers
  • 2 babysocks
  • baby bottle
  • 2 bibs
  • baby washcloth
  • Ribbon ( of your choice)
  • 2 receiving blankets

Some other things that will be needed will be 2 sided tape, rubber bands and just your time!

Key steps for this diy

key step for diy baby shower centerpiece

You will need to start building out the “wheels” or diapers rolled up as the first part of the process. This is crucial because this is the base in which you build the centerpiece on.

folded-recievingblanket (1)
The 2 wheels are held together by one of the reciving blankets. You must fold this blanket narrow and tight so that it can have enough strength to hold together the centerpiece.

Finished baby show centerpiece

baby shower centerpiece finished
This centerpiece will have be a memorable gift for the mom soon to be!

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